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What Our Customers Are Saying About Norfolk Hardware & Home Center

“Yesterday I went in just before a big snow storm.  The place was busy so I expected to wing it on my own in the store.  Not only was everyone helpful, but they greeted me with smiles.  I came in to get keys made.  I met Jackie.  This woman is a one-man show, she left me very impressed, and that is hard to do.  Jackie made my keys, helped me find two trash barrels (she carried them herself) and assisted me with a 25 lb bucket of rock salt (she carried it herself).  She walked me to the register, she brought everything to the curb, and she helped me get it all inside my car.  It seems that I am not the only one impressed, because several people greeted her, gave her hugs and thanked her.  I will tell all my friends to shop here not only because the store carries everything, but because people like Jackie, make the trip worthwhile!”


“Good options for fixing your property.” – Janice C.


“So, I went into Norfolk Hardware a few day ago and I walked in not knowing much about the items that were on my list that my painters gave me. I went to the paint department and I saw Krystal with a “K” as she said, and this young lady helped me with everything on my list, she also answered some questions that I had about the products I was going to purchase. SHE KNEW WHAT I NEEDED BEFORE I COULD TELL HER !! She was on it.. Krystal made my experience at Norfolk Hardware extremely easy and stress free and it was an overall great experience, so thank you Krystal” – Samantha T.


I have shopped here several times in the past two years. Store is beautiful inside and out and the staff is very friendly and helpful. They did an exemplary job on their renovations and the customer service is a superb. They keep everything well stocked and maintained. The prices are very fair! I will keep coming back.” -Christine


“Even better since extensive remodeling! Staff are all cheerful, helpful, and knowledgeable (and if they can’t find something, they find someone who can).” – Noralie


“This place is excellent! Very helpful staff, good prices! The staff really took the time to explain everything to me and were very knowledgeable. Very pleased with my experience here!” – Alexis A.


“Friendly, knowledgeable, convenient.” – Bob W.


“This is the most magical place I have ever been! They have everything and anything they don’t have they will order it for you! Every single staff person is on point, friendly and helpful.” – Chris C.


“You were so kind to donate some paint for my therapy spaces in Boston Public Schools. This is a super delayed response but I wanted to say thank you again–the spaces are so much brighter now that they’ve been painted. Norfolk was the first step towards this transformation and I can’t tell you how grateful I am for getting the project started. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” – Courtney V.


“Jackie A. is amazing. I have been to 7 hardware stores (3 Home Depots, NEBS, etc) and this is the most refreshing Customer Service rep in all the stores. Her efforts are much appreciated.” – Colin R.


“I recently took a window screen into Norfolk Hardware based on a recommendation from a local firefighter. The screen was missing clips to keep it in the window. They ordered the clips, the got lost in the mail, ordered more and were able to repair my screen. They also re-screened it and because it had taken longer than expected they didn’t charge me for the new screen! Everyone there was very helpful and nice, Dex, who fixed my screen was great and said he can also make me another screen to go in my back windows that’s missing one. This is a great find for older buildings in the South End. I will continue to go there when I need something hardware related, they are great!” – Alison L.


“Relatively new to the neighborhood and I’ve been here probably 20-30 times. Every single time they ask if they can help. They are knowledgeable and literally will escort you around the store if needed until all of your items are taken care of. Great place for paint, odd tools and the basics. Seriously, go here if you don’t want want to travel to Home Depot or you want some actual dialogue with someone who can help.” – Greg L.


“I love this store, the folks are friendly, help with advice and know their stuff…I’ve stopped using Home Depot. I’d prefer to shop at a local business – and, it’s where all the construction, painter folk buy their equipment. If it’s good enough for them, it’s good for me.” – Iris D.


“Home depot got nothing on this place. Literally 2 minutes in the door, I was asked if I needed help, directed to my destinations and HELPED by a professional in the paint department beyond my wildest dreams. PS. I have twenty years experience in painting and I just got the best customer service I’ve ever experienced with Jerry in the paint dept. Seriously, skip the big box. This story will get you in get you out help you find and CHARGE YOU LESS. Norfolk, you are my BFF.” – Judith M.


“Love this place! Have been quite a few times over the last year while fixing up my place. Everyone is super helpful and friendly. Glad to support a local joint instead of the big box stores around!” – Lauren P.


“I was in a panic when I found out my plumber was ready to install a sink sooner than expected in my remodeled bathroom. I couldn’t find anything at the other large Home Improvement Stores that would go with my beige tub and existing vanity size and I also called several bath centers. I didn’t expect that I would have such luck when I visited the Norfolk Hardware and Home Center.  I wish I could remember the name of the lovely young woman who helped me, looking up possible sinks in her inventory and then following up by having one of the gentleman pull those from a trailer in back to show me.  They went through a lot of trouble and I finally selected a sink. I wasn’t all that thrilled with it but I was desperate and was about to pay for it when the guy came up to me and said he thought he had another one that would better match my tile.  It did and I was ecstatic. I left with a sink that goes perfectly with the tile and tub and it was very reasonably priced.  The lady and gentleman went above and beyond duty providing excellent customer service and next time  I’m renovating or have a home project I will be sure to visit them first.” – Karen R.


“I have lived in Boston for about 12 years and during most of that time drove past it,but a couple years ago I wanted to go in and see what they had.  For whatever reason it is WAY bigger inside than it looks outside and I have always had everything I needed.  Everyone is really helpful and knows exactly where everything in the store is, and they will walk you to the item and talk about it rather than pointing off in the vague direction.” – Daniel T.


“We were thrilled to discover a friendly local hardware store, and we’ll be going here again and again as we work on our fixer-upper. But to start at the beginning … five minutes after closing on and arriving at our new house, we discovered the previous residents had left a nasty flea infestation. UGH! We bolted for the car, looked up the nearest hardware store, and raced over. Asked the first employee we saw for flea spray, and he led us directly to a heartening array of poisons. A friendly checkout employee chatted with us about our new house and cheered us up a bit. Maybe this town could still be okay, we thought. MAYBE. A week later, we went back to pick up a wide range of house necessities and were very pleasantly impressed with the size of the store and range of options — I have ten choices of trash barrel, really? We were checked out by the same employee as the first time, and he REMEMBERED US and asked how it was going with the fleas. Super impressive, Norfolk Hardware.” – Teresa E.


“This is a good hardware and paint store with expert, friendly staff and good prices.” – Michael O.


“I have lived in the area for 15 years and only started going to them about 1 year ago. The employees at Norfolk Hardware are some of the most helpful, knowledgeable and nice people I have ever met. Whether I am shopping for a 99 cent item or a major purchase, they take time to supply information and help when needed. Initially I thought it was because I am a girl but it is consistent and professional. They really go the extra mile.” – Martha V.


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