Norfolk Hardware Helps Remodel Fowler-Clark Farm

July 1, 2018

fowler-clark farm

Fowler Clark Epstein Farm Brought Back To Life

The Fowler Clark Epstein Farm, one of Mattapan’s oldest landmarks, recently underwent a complete rehab. This rehab was completed in June of 2018 by Historic Boston Inc. and The Urban Farming Institute.  The extensive remodel project features local businesses to supply materials and/or labor to help the project along. Norfolk Hardware & Home Center supplied paint for the project, along with Norfolk Kitchen & Bath, who supplied cabinetry and design advice for the kitchens.  Fowler Clark Epstein Farm was purchased by Historic Boston, Inc. in 2015, with the intention of turning it into an urban farming headquarters for the city, with the assistance of many donors, grants, and the Urban Farming Institute.

The History of Fowler Clark Epstein Farm

“Built between 1786 and 1806, the Fowler Clark Epstein Farm remains among the earliest intact, vernacular examples of an agricultural property in the Commonwealth’s cities. The original farmhouse is located on land that was once part of a large Dorchester estate encompassing over 330 acres. Over its 200 year history, it was primarily owned by three families, beginning with Samuel Fowler, a Dorchester yeoman in the late 18th century. In the 1820s, the land was sold to the Clark family and later subdivided into parcels as advancements in transportation hastened the development of Mattapan as a streetcar suburb of Boston. However, more than half an acre of land was preserved within a densely developed residential neighborhood, and the original house and barn were sold to Jorge Epstein in 1941. The land remained in family possession until falling vacant in 2013 when Jorge’s widow Ida passed away.”

We were very happy to be a part of this project,  as not only it is a wonderful historic home, it is a beautiful investment of the community.  It is on Norfolk Street, in Mattapan, which is the original street we were located when we were established, and our namesake.  One of the employees of Norfolk Hardware remember having the Epsteins shop at the store, many years ago!

To learn more about the project with Historic Boston, and view a 3 minute video on the project restoration, click here.

A Restoration Project With Norfolk Hardware & Home Center

The Purpose:

To create a space where the Fowler-Clark farm / Urban Farming Institute would have a working farm, growing fruits, and vegetables for the local community. They would also use the main barn for local community events and to use as a teaching kitchen for various cooking these fresh fruits and vegetables.

The Design Goal:

To maintain the original historic farm and its interesting features, but to use a contemporary looking kitchen and fixtures.

The Kitchen Designer:

Eric Rainey, from Norfolk Hardware & Home Center/ Norfolk Kitchen & Bath, worked with Lisa Lewis from Historic Boston Inc., and Barbara Knecht from the Urban Farming Institute to design the kitchen to the specifications of the architect (Perkins & Will) and the general contractor, MJ Mawn of Walpole. We heavily discounted the materials and supplied the cabinets to bring in the warmth and charm of the wood floors. The countertop materials were donated by Cosentino and fabricated and installed by Discover Granite & Marble.

The Cabinets:

ShowplaceEVO Full access White Gloss cabinetry with wood accents on top.

To learn more about the project, check out Hardware Retailing Magazine’s news article, or visit the new Urban Farming Institute of Boston!

  • fowler clark farm before remodel
    Clark Fowler Epstein Farm Before

For more information about the Fowler-Clark farm project, please visit the Historic Boston website.