Basement Storage Ideas

If you’re lucky enough to have one, a basement can be one of your most valuable storage locations. Away from the main traffic areas of the home, a basement is an ideal spot to store things throughout the year. Here are a few ways to turn your basement disaster into a well-organized storage zone:

Declutter Your Basement

The first step to managing an organized storage area is to get rid of any unwanted items. This will ensure that you are only using storage space on stuff you use or want to keep. Take some time each year to declutter and sell/giveaway/dispose of any unwanted items.

Use Storage Bins Instead of Boxes

Humidity is a common problem in many basements, along with possible flooding. Cardboard boxes will be easily damaged by moisture, potentially damaging your items. To protect your stuff from being destroyed, use plastic storage bins. The bins will protect your items from moisture, as well as from any potential pests. They come in all shapes and sizes and are perfect for toys, important documents, photos, décor, and more.

Have a damp basement? Consider adding a dehumidifier and some water-resistant flooring to your basement storage area, to further prevent water from damaging your items. Moisture control pellets are also available at Norfolk Hardware, as a less expensive option.

Pro Tip: Purchase clear storage bins, so that you can see what is inside without having to dig through. You can also use a label machine to clearly state what is inside each box.

Maximize Wall Space

Have a small basement? Maximizing your wall space is another great way to get the most out of your basement storage. If your basement is a finished living space, consider adding some wall-mounted cabinets as a stylish storage solution.

Inexpensive wire shelving and pegboards can free up your floor and tabletops from clutter, especially smaller items like tools and games.

Overhead storage is also a great way to store seldom-used items like holiday décor.

Although they take up a little floor space, free-standing units can house taller items such as brooms, rakes, shovels and more. The more things you can get off the floor, the more organized your space will feel.

Under the Stairs

Whether you have a small basement without much wall space, or a finished basement where all the square footage is needed, the space under your stairs is an ideal place to maximize your storage potential. This out-of-the-way space is perfect for stacking your new plastic bins. Or get creative and build a dedicated storage closet. This under-utilized area is the perfect way to organize your basement storage.

Get Basement Storage For Your Home

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