how to repair a drywall crack

How To Repair A Drywall Crack

1-2 hours

In older homes, cracks in drywall are very common and tend to appear as the house begins to “settle”. Luckily, these cracks are relatively easy to repair and cover up with the right materials and know-how. Below is a step-by-step guide explaining how to repair a drywall crack on your wall.


Depending on the severity and location of the drywall crack, more steps and materials may be required. For specific project advice please contact a Norfolk Hardware & Home Center expert.


  • Joint Compound
  • Mesh Tape
  • Paint
  • Tack Cloth


  • Utility Knife
  • Putty Knife (1 1/2" - 3")
  • Sanding Block/Sandpaper (Fine-Grit)
  • Mini Paint Roller/Small Paint Brush

Step 1: Cut The Drywall Crack

Using a utility knife, cut the length of the drywall crack and clean out any loose debris with a tack cloth.

Step 2: Place Mesh Tape

Cut a piece of mesh tape and place over the crack, making sure that the crack is completely covered.

Step 3: Fill The Crack

Using a putty knife, take some joint compound and spread over the mesh tape and crack until it is completely covered. You may want to spread the compound a few inches beyond the crack, for blending purposes. Allow the compound to dry completely before continuing.

Step 4: Sand Repair Area

Take a sanding block or any fine grit sandpaper and sand the area until the patch feels flush with the rest of the wall. Repeat steps 3 & 4 as needed until the crack is completely covered. Wipe away dust with a tack cloth.

Step 5: Paint Over Repair

Using a small paintbrush or mini paint roller, cover the patched area. Feather the paint so that it blends into the rest of the wall.

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