Blue metal outdoor furniture painted with spray paint

Transforming Your Outdoor Space With Spray Paint

Paint isn’t just for walls and ceilings! With a can of spray paint from Norfolk Hardware & Home Center, you can completely transform your outdoor space into an upscale oasis! Spray paint is a great, inexpensive way to revitalize the old and make it new again, and comes in a variety of colors to suit every design style. Here are a few ways that you can upgrade your exterior with spray paint this summer:

Refinish Tables and Chairs

Looking to spruce up that old rusty bistro set on your back porch? Pick up a can of Rustoleum Metal Primer spray along with a color of your choice.

Stylize Your Planters

Don’t spend hundreds of dollars on designer pots for your flowers – pick up some plastic or terra cotta planters at your local hardware store, along with your favorite color spray paint. With a few dollars and a couple of hours of work, you can give your planters a whole new look that matches your unique style. With some stencils or some carefully placed painter’s tape, you can also add some texture to your paint job.

Spray Paint the Upholstery

Did you know that your outdoor cushions can be spray painted? The key to painting cushions is the make sure that the paint is soaking into the cushion itself and may require several coats to cover. Ask your local expert at Norfolk Hardware & Home Center for a good quality spray paint.

Restore Your Mailbox

Turn the most mundane of mailboxes into a standout feature of your front entrance! Go crazy with your colors or maybe just a new metallic color to bring your mailbox back to life.

Steps to Success

Whatever you decide to spray paint, make sure to follow these basic steps for any paint project:

  1. Sand

  2. Clean

  3. Prime

  4. Paint

Your options with spray paint are endless! For expert advice on paint selection and application, visit the Paint Department at Norfolk Hardware & Home Center and have one of our experts help you select the perfect tools & materials for your next paint project.